There are over 20 Million Businesses operating in the USA ... most of them are small businesses. 

No small business owner is able to use advertising to get new customers today, because 100 % of the Advertising Business in the USA is structured and operated in a way that prohibits sales to small business owners.

Advertising companies of all cattegories are structured with high operating costs, which means their selling prices are high, which means small businesses can not buy their advertising solutions.

The reason advertising businesses structure their capacities of creative advertising products using skilled creative work product employees, or contractors is so that each advertising company is able to compete against all the other advertising companies who employ comparable,  capable, skiled creative persons. 

That means skilled creative persons command higher than average income  in return for their creative  work product.

All of that means, the creative advertising industry is only able to sell to the largest companies in America which is only a few thousand businesses, whereas the tens of millions of small business owers are exclcuded from advertising company's sales efforts because the creative advertising business owners realize the only businesses that create large marketing budgets are those big businesses. 

Furthermore, they know the small business owners have little or no ad budgets. 

The conclusion is that nearly all advertising is purchased by only a few company's in America.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by a few big companies,every year while every year, small businesses .... 98% of businesses in America do little or no advertising - that's one major reason, they stay small.

The problem get's more bad. 

Approximately half of the consuming population of American have migrated thier homes to what the Census Agency reports as " higher income zip codes".

That means that the hundreds of millions of adveritsing is targeted into those higher income zip core consumer locations in cities of America.

The result of that massive inefficient means of reaching viable customers has the effect of driving cost of sales to higher income consumers much higher because only about half of the consuming customers are able to buy as a result of the advertising they see.

About half of the consumer population lives in " lower income zip codes so that, while they may see the advertising, generally speaking they can not buy the products and services in sufficient numbers to maintain selling efforts by the big companies in ways that generate sufficient competition to keep prices competitive.

So... what is the solution for small business owners in America.  Is there a solution?  I think there is.​​