The  so called specialized advertising business is a business that has been created to earn a huge profit  by selling an anti - capitalism method of intentionally and deceptively selling  business owner advertising , on the idea that their ( the advertising agencies, and their so called creative components )  are designed to create more customer sales.

The truth is ... they ( the advertising industry )  do what they do to their client's businesses is to create COMPETITION for their adveritinsg cients, which makes it more dificult AND COSTLY, for them, to get new customers

Of course, SPECIALIZED ADVERTISING BUSINESS'S  MISSION is to SELL MORE AND MORE, of what they sell, to every category of business - Marketing And Advertising Services; think about it.   

The distorted advertising business today is deisgned to create competition, not create customers. 

The more business advertises, the more competition they create for their business.

Business Category competitors advertise to compete against their categorical business competitors, don't they ... sure they do ... the advertising businesses loves it and Consumers,  don't ralize what  is happening to them.  

The disastorous outcome of the so called specailized advertising industry  has developed over decades in American Consumerism has been a significant reason why about half of all consumers have been driven to live in low income Zip Codes in The USA. 

Most people ( customers ) today, are not aware of the Billions upon Billions of dollars that the so called advertising business has profited because of consumer abuse, and deciptive business practices.

Over the history of the USA, the specialization of business advertising, has invented a legal, although deceptive method of accessing Consumer's Bank Accounts, which Consumers are the target of the marketing and advertising services the speicalized advertising business sells to American Business - the collective few big advertising services consumer Corportatinos, who have become a willing abuser of USA Consumers, while at the same time, effectively shut out the vast majority of American Business Owners = Small Business Owners, by discriminatory pricing practices.

Customers pay 100% of Marketing and Advertising Costs of every business - the cost is part of the price consumers pay for that whcih they purchase.

All of the developed specialized businesss marekting and advertising services, have failed to add measureable benefit to American Consumers, while forcing them to pay up to 50% more for the products and services they need / want, which has effectively divided the economic well-being of American Consumers, evidenced by the fact that almost half of American Consumers are forced to live in what is reffered to by Business Consumer Data Services, a part of the specialized marketing and advertising services they also sell - as Low Income Zip Codes.

The reality of The History of Business Advertising is that business owners arranged their own business advertising .

The Business Sign placed on the business building location is a perfect example.

Business Owner's Signs don't say,  " hey customers, there are many business's that sell what we sell, besides  our business; yeah,  there are many businesses that sell what we sell, so we want to  help you shop, by listing those businesses on our business signs  ???     

That's what specialized business advertising today, does, by using their clever practice of what they call targeted consumer profiled sub markets, which translated is, we create competition for our advertising businesss customers so we can earn more profit through repetitive, high cost services and advisory markting management services for our business advertising clients.

Business owner's signs on their business building, or location don't advertise for their competitors.  Business Owner's Signs communicate the " name " of the business that sells what the business owner's business sells. or the name of the business that owns the business sign -  Period.

This information is designed for your opportunity to learn - business owner and customer alike.