The Few

Big Box



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creative nature of



You see, big box stores:  The Few, are one

to  10,000




The Few Big Box Stores, are focusing thier ads

on delivery to get cost


less use check out lanes; fewer employee problems related to exposure to virus while working, etc.

 More customers want on line order / deivery too.

once there all customer orders are sent out to

By means of 

This idea is made best by adding an easy order / delivery system

that is far more effective and efficient than the current metods

used by big box retailers.

all local retailer sales orders are taken to the local city

These common sense business ideas, not only allow local small business to get sales


big box retailers, the method of shpping  and delivery is superior since customers are doing the money flow in their city, including delivery in their city / town.  Emphsis local.

So, local customers buy at local on line retail stores, orders are packaged, and picked up by, local

All around Best Business Prcactice Inovations lead to more customer service you know; everyone knows, that's exactly want customers want; no, they demand it.

There is even a members

 local cash funding

business plan to do these ideas; check it out

The Virus has opened the door to a concept

that collects local business orders, into