I am the current holder of 443 dot com registered Top Level Domains at a Go Daddy owned Reseller Account, Domains

Priced Right dot com ... my account is over 10 years in operation.  

Over the years, I have created a unique online / local business plan that is designed to increase sales for local independent business owners who can secure an exclusive Zip Code Category position in the Zip Code Cities, directory that their local business is located.

Approved membership investment... annual $30 plus $9 per week per approved local Zip Code Category business owner member.

Omaha Metro approved memberships will generate at minimum $500,00 in membership income annually - five regions in Nebraska $2.5 Million annual. 

As a start up I do the face to face selling for my licencee website developer associate whose budget is 15% of each Zip Code City weekly.  Do the math. 

Omaha will generate $75,000 annual; $1350 weekly.  Nebraska will generate $500,00 per year for my Website Developer Associate licencee: $6750 per week.  Every Year, every week.  That's just one...State.

I have created a unique business plan due to my decades of marketing , sales , business ownership experience, so that

I am qualied to do the face to face selling for my experienced website developer associate licencee.  License deal ... is ! % of renewal membership sales, and 2 % of new membership sales plus members acquistion commission = 15% which is part of the member's total city income as I develop new members.

Selected Website Developer LIcencee will have legal, lawyer written contract that is in perpetuity = you deal with my estate after I pass, so your business is secure as long as you abide by our legal written licencee contract reporting to my Estate Administrator.

Contact me at wts@HomeNetExec.com to open Discussions, and ask questions via Skype or personal face to face meeting in Omaha to be arranged by email.  Thank You.

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