Charging fast food customers way more than needed is common place in the fast food franchise / franchise restaurant business. 

That fact is true, due to the much higher menu prices at franchise fast food stores - also independent restaurants - they price their menu at the same prices as franchise brand food stores, thinking that the franchise brand stores offer competitive menu prices.

The independent fast food stores, and restaurants charge you higher than necessary menu prices because none of them are provided with national advertising that highlights their restaurant brand as the franchise fast food and restaruant relentless advertising does.

Franchisee brand store operatring costs force franchise food menu prices up to 1/3 higher than necessary .

The customer pays more than necessary whether purchasing their fast food from franchises or independents.

Customers willingly pay for food they buy at branded, franchise fast food stores, franchise restaurants, and independents too.

But if fast food customers could save up to 1/3 on their menu price purchases, and also receive a share of the sales of a better fast food store idea that operates where they live and work. 

That would be better.  Everyone knows that -  don't  you.

A customer fast food membership plan idea that provides continual fast food purchases cash savings by joining a local cash savings membership plan ... is the idea.

Everyone knows that 

customers provide the 

purchases that create

the money to run stores

and create profit for owners of businesses.

When businesses start up, usually they take on debt so that debt repayment requires the customer pay a higher price for food to

provide income to pay

off the debt - everone

understands why they

pay more when they buy from start up businesses don't you?

That idea gives fast food customers, and other categories of local purchsases,  access to continual savings up to 1/3 of your local fast food purchases at local associate business owner's local fast food, restaurants and other categories of local business owner's businesses who are approved associate member businesses, located in cities by Zip Codes and Carreir Routes within Zip Codes.

The local cash savings membership plan offers added benefits involving a share of a percentages of the income at the fast food stores that are associates of the local customer fast food cash savings membership plan.

The membership investment you pay to get continual fast food purchases savings and other local purchases can help pay for your membership investment to your member fast food plan, so your membership investment can be ...