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April 19, 2019


  Suya ma

I work for a group

of Local Business

owners, who run a business membership program to help them get retail home owner customers near their businesses.

In the USA,  home owner mail is delivered to home by a postal truck / route  mail delivery person ... there is a mail box on curb in front of eaxh home; the mail delevery stops at every home that has mail to be delivered that was pre sorted at the mail office and packed in route sequence, early in the morning, and loaded into the truck.

My group wants to deliver produce to " customer members " in the 

same way.   So, we need a MODEL CITY = OMAHA NE create

proof of concept = in one Zip Code / Carrier Route; so we need

approximately 100 of your Mini Fridge, with a Stainless Steel

Box, with front foor, that can be locked for security to enter

for home owner customer.

After the market test in one Carrirer Route / Code we will  purchase 

40 foot conainers  I need to make a " source / cost  delivery  " report to my manager in order to proceed with your company, so I need

1.  Sample Mini Fridge with steel box  front door / lock to use to show to get orders from 100 customers to run the " market test ". 

2.  I need a price quote on 100 of your mini fridge to delivery to the 100 market test cusstomers; 

3.  I need a 40 foot container price quote / delivery time / delivery cost to Omaha NE for total cost of 40 foot container.

We will expand rapidly, after market test; we project 10 ? 40 foot containers per month need for our expaned Customer Delivery Routes.

All our business models run on Zip Code Cities, with minimum of 600 Homes per Zip Code. 

We project 50% will order our Produce Delvery Service, so in Omaha Metro,  with a minimum of  30 Delivery  Zip Codes, we will sell 9000 of your Mini Fridge / with Steel door box / lock under our Lable: Drone Brand / Drone Direct Delivery / Produce Coolbox