Imagine an Independent Business Owners Collective that works like the North Korea deal works - all the business owned by the state, but in my version - Capitalism Collective TM - business owners retain their ownership and individual identity / operation / finances, etc. - except for,

The advantage, a franchisee has is the captive population in the assigned population area the franchisor provides. 

So, why not have a business plan that assigns a Zip Code to one category of business, in a zip code, unless there are two or more of that category in the zip code - in that case - each approved business member category must be located in different carrier routes in the assigned zip code. 

Generally there are more customers in one carrier route than any category of business could handle anyway.‚Äč

Everyone knows that the North Korea deal is gonna mean boo koo USA business investment.

Here's a pathway to cash in on the economic boom that is sure to follow from the USA deal with North Korea.

Think beach front hotels and all that goes with that business development. 

North Korea Real Estate is gonna be the point of billions and billions of business investment dollars there.

That's the point .  The business investment is gonna be THERE.

So, why don't we " citizens " take a page out of the  " deal book " for ourselves ? 

Sure.  Why not ?  Free exposure to the wall to wall media coverage of the North Korea    " deal "    in the coming weeks, months and years by definition is an exclusive once in  50 +  Years opportunity to apply a unique plan to capitlize on the   " collecitive "   media saturation coverage of the North Korea  " deal "   -   using my 

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