Everyone knows that  the     " crowd funding "      Internet Websites that have been so " successful "  since the concept was introduced in 2012 ... is another scam​  =

" I gotta bridge in the dessert to sell to you " ... Idea perpetrated on guilible ...

inexperienced people who think they want to " be in business for themselves "

by experienced " high tech " people referred to as " entrepenuers " ... who are 

neither that  ... or honest either ...  honest people do not knowingly offer scam

​business concepts they sell for money ... to unsuspecting people who are stupid.

Over $35 Billion Dollars has been scamed by these " crowd fuunding " websites.

The " success rate " of individualy  " crowd funding customers " who pay money

to " list " their crowd funding business idea " on the " Internet directory " of all

​of the ideas is so low it's like a bad joke ... for example of the 35 Billion that has been scamed from " crowd people sheep " who fall for the " tin cup "  - hey friend - gott a dime to give me so I can start a business ? "  one popular " tin cup " crowd funding website reports that almost 60% of those who list a project fail to their reach  the " donnation total needed to start the business project  = " tin cup begging total funding begging amount to start up the business idea ".    The failed projects pay more than two times as much to the website owners plus " fees " as the "successful " ones do.  

But, the real scam is what goes unreported by the " tin cup funding bloggers " who greedily post their " praises of tin cup ... crowd funding  in their fake blog content that "promotes " tin cup funding " ...  because they get paid by the  " tin cup funding websites  " to collude with them "  to grease the skids to the unsuspecting people who read their trash praise  writing of the "tine cup funding websites ".

You see, the scam artists who run " tin cup " crowd funding websites " sell " so called " feature listiung projects " to the more stupid poep;le who pay for such listings at these websites because they think their " tin cup begging for money from people to start their business will be more likely to succeed in reaching the total amount they beg for from the stupid people who visti these paid for ...  " featured project listings".

So, the whole idea, of " tin  cup crowd funding "  to get funds to start a business  is a dumb one from start to finish anyway.  Even if the goal is reached of the total amount of money that is being begged from people to start the business ... the odds of the start up business ever reaching profitability is almost to sad to report.

The reality of " funding money " to start a business is just what the phrase means.  It's a " start up business ".  No customers, no sales, no profit.  So, even if the total money available from all sources to " start the business " almost none of them have ... even close to what is needed " in the way of a " marketing budget " to develop seles by customers that create important profit.

You see, every dollar a customer spends at a start up business, has to come from that dollar the customer is now spending at other businesses ... and every consumer has a "limited" amount of dollars to "spend" after they pay for all the " have to spending" such as ... house payment, utilities, food, child care , car payment, gas, car maintenance, insurance ... etc - - -  so you see the dollars spent by customers is agressively protected by those businesses where customers are already spending thier " limited spending money " from their personal income.

So, that's why .. most start up businesses fail.  Yeah, it's true ... most do - - - - way most do ... in the long run ... over 70% fail.

However ... that doesn't mean there is a way to start businesses that can be  profitable in the short term ... like right away ... and in the long run ... but it takes the right way to start up a business to achieve the right outcome... that's just plain old common sense ... everyone knows a right thiing must be done in a right way to be right ... don't you ?    Can you grasp the right way if it's explained to you?

that guarantees all customers who do, sign up ... guarantees in writing to those customers who sign up using an Internet Membeship Form,  published on an Internet website, and backed up by a

Legal Agreement, written and Internet Published,  by a state licenced law firm ... detailing the benefit of all sign up customer membership customers to a share of income sales when the member customers spend their money at the start up business they specify as a being a customer, which customer spending is verified by a state licensed CPA = Certified Public Accountant Internet Branded as 

Everyone knows that most local customers will sign up to a  ... 

Everyone knows that it's the customers that create business sales, and profits, if a business sells a needed consumer product, and is managed using best business practices, don't you? 

So, if you do, then you know that a start up business that starts up with enough customers to do that, the customers should share in the success ... that's fair eh.

It's common sense that if they do, they will spend their money where they do - - -share in the success of the start up business, instead of where they don't share in the success of   /  at the  businesses where they spend their money now ... right ... sure they will ... that's just common sense ... the customer who have it, can be ...

Everyone knows that most customers who spend their money at one place, more than any other customers spend at another place, that sells the same thing that most customers buy at the place where most customer buy what that place sells too, that place  - - -  has the   dominant market share   of that which those most customer buy = get it ?