Hello ... thank you for your attention.  I am Wilbert T. " Ted " Sass ... lifelong sales person ... as such ... I am concerned with the intrusion of customer privacy when using the Internet Search Functions

People ... perform Internet Search Actions ... for many reasons ... a primary reason is an interest related to purchasing motivations ... of which purchasing prepared food, residential and other services, seaching for clothing and other personal items are among the most used search categories ... people's searches are manipulated in ways that expose them to some but not all ... of the options related to their interests ...many times the local businesses that are buried, and never returned in customer search actions performed are the most economical and provide the best local service.

The same internet access related to search that the " big " search engines use are freely available and used by a more honest internet directory website that serves local independent business owners exclusively ... which local independent business owners are more able to offer greater purchasing savings, and access locally because of reuse of more efficient and more effective ... pre-internet local business advertising / marketing plans that serve local customers more personally, and more carefully because they are local too.  Local purchasing dollars circulate locally more efficiently.

It's common sense to note that when business purchasing is transacted locally directly between local customers and local businesses that the money related to the purchasing remains, for the most part ... in circulation within the local economy rather

that piling those transaction dollars into one company where high costs of operations are necessary due to the huge resources necessary to infiltrate into local communities

simply to deliver customer purchases ... proven to cost more, and provide less service.​​

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Today ... Customers are flooded with Internet Advertising, use of personal information to influence customer attention to ... Internet Advertising ... through the technical control of customer's use of personal customer internet search information.