Everyone knows that people are able to live more productive, stable thinking lives by means of the learning process all of us human thinking people experience from bith, throughout our lives.

The information we acquire, and the thoughful use of that information gives us the personal experience to our avoid thinking / actions that cause us problems related to living a more happy and prosperous thinking life during our life - a goal most people agree is desireable - do you agree ?  You do, don't you.

One critical area of people information is our customer power, in our Economy - a major part of our customer power is our food purchasing power both at the grocery store and at food purchases at restaurants both sit down and fast food.

Due to the need for maximum income possible,  work habits of people ... have changed over time in America.

Two persons incomes in families is common today ... so much so that recently dependable media reporting related to Customer Food Purchasing in America revealed that people today purchase more food to eat that is not purchased at the grocery store, and not prepared at home. 

That fact helps create the largest price gouging / oversharging by restaurants / fast food businesses / franchise food businesses in history. 

People purchase 300 Billion plus annual of restaurant food, including sit down category and fast food / pick up / delivery. 

Up to one third of restaurant and franchise food store menu prices customers pay is purposefully ‚Äčover charged by independent restaurant owners becasue of the franchise food industry menu food prices in America.

The cumlative impact on the resultant unnessary  cost to American Customers over the past 70 years runs in the Trillions of dollars of food menu prices overcharging by American restaurant businesses led by and caused by the franchise food business in America.

All that serious overcharging problem, directed at American Customers can be easily fixed.