Hello ... Thank you ... for taking your time to visit my Internet Company Website.

My name is Wilbert T. " Ted " Sass.  I live in Omaha NE ... I am a lifelong sales person ... 70 years.

I began my sales career at age 8 in Norfolk NE, selling assorted boxed greeting cards.   I knocked on doors in my neighborhood to make sales.  That's how I learned about cold sales calsl  - 1st Call Sales Close, Direct Sales work.

50 years later, a man who was a genius consumer products marketer invented a more profitable and Integrity System of selling consumer greeting cards, much more so than the national greeting card companies that contol nearly  70% of all greeting cards sold.

Bill's system targeted local small town, independent business owners, for whom I was a " new account sales specialist " at the time,.

Bill sold his company after I created as much new income in 1 1/ 2 years as the company total sales generated when I began selling new accounts, so I needed to seek another company.

In order to help me in my search, without me asking Bill wrote an unsolicited letter of recommendation for me.


My sales work over 1 1/2 years led to enough increase his company 's new acounts in a five state regional distributor sales territory for one of the three National Greeting Card Companies so that He was able to sell his business for cash - a sale that amounted to over $1,000,000,  just for paid greeting card inventory in his business's warehouse that operated in Sioux City IA 

Bill provided a recommendation for me; read His Unsolicited Letter of Recommendation about me ... Ted Sass.