Everyone knows mobile food trucks are a very fast growing segment of the restaurant food business in America ... that's the problem.

Mobile food trucks are owned by people who have grasped the obvious business advantages of a mobile food business, over a real estate based one. 

That's why major franchise Brands have entered their

brands into the mobile food business ... all of that creates more

problems for the existing independent food truck business owners -

even more for franchise brands mobile businesses.  Why ?

None of these mobile food businesses - the independents, or the franchise brands understand selling mobile food to local customers who buy prepared food locally ... every day = you see - - - -  that's the key phrase - every day. 

Every day is defined as " competiton for market share " with the location based restaurant business ... you see ... that's where 99.9% of the local food customers are spending their money for resturant food ... every day ... in every local city / town in America.

The " mobile food local customer market " ...  that's a " selling problem " ... not a business opportunity ... start up one.

Everyone knows that selling problems are most commonly solved by experience sales people not experienced restaurant operator ones, and surely not those who see what they think is an business start up opportunity to enter the mobile food truck business.

The advantages of the mobile food truck business are so obvious anyone can grasp the opportunities. however  ...  note well