Everyone knows that many Americans throughout USA history have become wealthy, and some have written books about how they did it, iliving n America.   

Some noteable Authors mention the primary guidence while gaining their personal wealth, was was given to them by God The Father ... using a gift all of us were given by Him ... our abilty to think rationally.

As important, some of the Authors, revealed that thinking provides the means to unlimited achievements ... the problem is that many people mistakenly believe that " material wealth " is being rich.

That fact explains why so few people ever become rich, in any way, during their lifetime ... including material wealth, which is the lowest ... of value in a person's life.

The practical facts are that people live and work in a Naitonal Economy that includes income from work product and other souces ... so reality is connected to thinkiing about material means of support and use of income.  If one is able to save thier money, through the development of accurate thinking realated to the right use of information they are able to glean from sources of knowledge  ...  that's a good thing  ...  read on  ...  while thinking ...