Remember that  all that ( coupon advertising  ) 'an advertising that is added on to the menu price you pay ? ... well pucker up ... 'cause this " franchise fee " is paid by the franchisee ... to the franchisor -on every dollar of retail sales the franchisee sells every day too ... 'an that " franchisee fee "  is added to the menu price too ... get it ?  Doncha jus love pay'n all those " fees " plus pay'n for the food you need ?

Everyone knows that customers pay for all advertising = cost of providing coupons to

Almost half of all fast food stores are " franchise stores".

That means ... the " franchisee " ... the person who ...

Everyone knows ... many people use cash savings coupons to buy food ... the key word there is " many ".

 " all customers " ... so you see ... you pay to use those coupons too.

signs a legal contract that says the franchisee ... must pay the ... " franchisor " ... a high percentage of every dollar retail sales that the franchisee sells ... it's just like another SALES TAX ... added on the menu prices you pay ... they call it the Franchise Fee.

bought the " job ... oops ... " franchise" ... 

Remember This Too

All the advertising cost of coupons and all other advertising costs that fast food and restaurants use to compete for customers is recovered in the menu price customers pay to purchase the advertised fast food... so even when you don't use a coupon ... any coupon ... the next time you purchase food at the food place you use... to buy your food ... you still pay for coupons that company uses ... because ... their cost of the advertising is in the menu prices you pay when you purchase food.

Reason ?

Remember This

You see ... that's a problem for YOU

( it cost's tens of thousands of dollars and some franchises are hundreds of thousands of dollars ... imagine paying that much money ... just for the right to work at a job ... ??? ) ...