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When a customer product or service is new, and in demand, many rush in to sell to the demand  -  but selling is not as easy as it might seem, even if people want to buy.

There's a thing called competition, that customers call   " shopping around  " -   so you gotta know how to navigate in that perfect storm.

Then, there's the thorny issue of   " afforrdabilty "   and   " best product to buy ", which has to do with   " quality ",    If you are buying, you gotta consider those two issues  for sure.

If you really need what is hot and being sold widely you have to be aware that selling obfuscation  -  Fast Talking Tommy sales persons will surely leave out information you need about quality in an effort to get your buying eyes on PRICE.

When a company enters a hot market to sell into a hot consumer demand, there may be exceptional business challenges in a hot customer product market.

It may be, the product cost is extraordinary  to produce and sell.

 If those costs are high relative to doing it using BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES, when the product is as difficult to   " grow, harvest, process, package "   to meet highest quality standards within the specifiec  " hot product industry  "  such as the CBD Products Family "  well then there - expect selling prices all over the map, and fast talking Tommy's under ever rock = saying what they say, to get the sale  -  get my point ?

There's two other issues the customer must be on the ball about - Federal / Stagte / local Regulations  and of course that absolute requirement of the very best customer service  " after the sale ".

CBD is Leagl in All 50 States related to Federal Law.

However -  State and Local Regulations are widely exclusionary, made so by varied requirements, depending upon where customer's live and work.

 We customers know high standards related to " Customer Service After The Sale " varies widely;  " after sale customers service " -  ain't wide spread in business today, no matter what their business advertising says, or  "  so called reviews, and testimonies " tell us about company's products - ever heard of  " fake news " = you got that in the area of   " published customer reviews / testimonies too "  -  the only way you are gonna know all you  need to know is to  " try  / buy "  to find out yourself.

That brings me back to the picture below - 'cause when you show up at one of my Drone CBD News  - Local Event Z   -   I'm going to show you a way to  " try, and not buy "  so you learn all  you need to know fo r yourself,  without paying option  =  none of the other Fast Talking Tommys can offer you.