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Hello, my name is Wilbert T. " Ted " Sass - I live in Omaha NE

I am a lifelong sales person ( 71 years - selling career history - click here )

I also am experienced in National, Regional, Statewide, and Local Maketing.

After a few early years in my sales career, working for a National Consumer Products company, for two years, at age 23, I was field promoted to District Sales Manager, and since then I have developed experience recruiting, training, and managing National, Regional, Satewide and local sales teams.

I've owned 16 businesses, including Seven Cities Dot Com, my on line company I created in 2003.      I am also experienced in Importing, ‚Äč

Everyone - experienced in sales and whose responsibiity it is to create new sales continually, in a mass consumer markets,  so as to affect share of market increases continually, is aware that careful sales action is needed in a way that provides maximum availabiltiy of the products /  services competing for the consumers at the most widely available concentration of targeted customers - that's where you do your sales work, in a way to achieve maximum sales at lowest cost.

So, since consumers who experience chonic pain live in every Zip Code Carrier Route - at a ratio of about 1 of every Carrier Route delivery points, one is able to determine that ever carrier route is a treasure  of almost 50 customers, approroximately.

That might not trip the interest of real high powered sales people as it should, but generally sales people always overlook the obvious opportunities in sales, and go for the Brass Ring - which only a few ever even get a wiff of in reality.

The fact is, applying my plan of first providing to consumers a Premium Quality CBD line of Products, and alwo applying my CBD Price KING Policy, creates a marketing postion that is very difficult for CBD Retail Sellers to compete, and hold their market share customers.

Along with all of my unique business marekting plan, my MAMA - Marketing Advertising Membershp Plan that is organized by Carrier Routes, provides the needed marketing to low income consumers in a way that allows my Associates to Get Customers Easy because my MAMAs is orchestrated to succeed with most of the 50 potential CBD consumers in every Zip Code Carrier Route, even the ones who are already using and buying from another company / brand becuse they find they will get Premium Quality CBD Products at a much lower price.

Therefore, my MAMA  Drone CBD Group, realises, that CBD Customers will do what all ocnsumers do when they are purchasing a particular product at a price, and frind they can purchase the same quality or better locally, while achieving significant savings = they switch brand / companies for their next purchase.

Recently, while following an Internet news item, the item was interruped by an advertisement served by an Internet CBD Selling Company;  there was a video embeded within the Ad - I had just become aware of CBD and so I decided to view the video; I was stunned by the information.

I am mostly a person of action ... when risk is calculated to be low, so I decided to order CBD Drops.  That was April 10, 2010.  The CBD Drops

arrived at my home on April  15.  

The results for me ... related to my chronic pain I have lived with for 15 years has been largely subdued ... so I am super happy.

Since I am a sales person, and since CDB has been reported by users as helping them to live with chronic pain, and because of my own experience  using CDB, I decided to study selling CBD products.

Because of my vast experience, and because of the vast consumer market - reportedly of about 50 Million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, and all the information I have gathered about sourcing

a premium quality producer of CBD products who also does private

labeling ... I have created a business plan to sell my own Drone CBD Brand line of CBD products.

My business plan is designed differently than all the other folks who are selling CBD products to consumers.

As with all products sold in America, many times lower income Americans are shut out from acquiring products they need. 

It's a familiar story - companies strive to sell whomever they can, yet the economics of sourcing lead to a pricing structure that is necessary

to establish a Retail picing strategy to support all the marekting costs  - beginning with inventory warehousing, Inventory / ordering management; pre- shipping management costs, product distributor discounts, dealer discounting, or even direct to consumer selling, results 

inevitably to Retail Price structuer that is simply " too high to buy " for many low income consumers.  

Sicne almost half of consumers are considered low income, that means that most companies fail to serve the low income market - some of the companies who do, are able to cover costs, and still include a profit, so these company's can sell products that low income consumers need - for one reason or another - excluding " CBD ", in order that they too, are able to deal with living with chronic pain.

Between the reality of current CBD Retail Pricing problem secifically for low income income Americans and politicians at the Federal, State, Local Level, failing to provide the legislative action for all USA citizen voter states, I find that most low income consumers are shut out from acquiring the potential benefits of using CBD to help them with the control, of their chronic pain.

My business plan is designed to solve that problem so that my unique organization of my business plan that sells direct, but does so in a way that helps to lower the cost to purchase for consumer as well as my selling associates - my plan centers on Targeting Pain, where all pain lives - providing coverage for all consumers - lower and not so low income consumers.